Rockbridge Retreat Project


122527315Our stay at the Rockbridge Retreat was beyond all expectations in every way. The accommodations,activities, meals, and coordination were impeccable. Most importantly, the time we spend here allowed our family to rest and relax which, in turn,facilitated a re-connection in all of our relationships that has been void for years.

The years of combat and injuries have undoubtedly taken a toll on our family but this simple, easy week has restored so much faith and love in each of us. The new challenges we were able to take on and the incredibly valuable friendships we started here will last us forever.

There are times in life when”Thank You” rings hollow because it is simply not enough and this is absolutely one of those times.I have found that the Rockbridge Retreat is truly heroes helping heroes.

                                                                                                                                      ~Greg USMC SOF

The Rockbridge Retreat Project provides Special Operation veterans and their families a place to reconnect andphoto (3) recharge in a stress-free environment.

A strong family unit is essential to a veterans recovery and the Rockbridge Retreat provides quality outdoor family time in a rural setting.

The Rockbridge Retreat is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt, national non-profit organization.
Tax ID # 46-52893

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